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Business IT Services

Data Info Tech offers a a range of services to their clients.

  • Are you a small to medium business?
  • Are you in need of IT/Help Desk support and onsite assistance?
  • Are you worried about your data backups?
  • Do your need staff training or IT consultancy services?
  • We can assist you with all your technical support needs. 
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  • Is your data becoming unmanageable?
  • Are you getting swamped by unruly spreadsheets?
  • Need to have your data easily accessible by multiple staff?
  • Worried that your data is not being backed up properly?
  • We can assist you with a range of database services
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  • Need a new web site or like help with updating your existing one?
  • Looking for web hosting or domain name registration?
  • Seeking help with managing your online presence?
  • Wanting more flexibility in how your site is maintained and updated?
  • We can assist you with all your web presence needs. 
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  • Do you need help to test the feasibility of a new application idea?
  • Not sure if a service can handle your data volumes?
  • Seeking help in providing a proof of concept?
  • Not sure how to appcoach a new IT concept?
  • We offer a range of research and development services. 
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  • Is your office expanding?
  • Finding that you need to share data with more and more computers?
  • Need assistance with networking office computers/printers/etc?
  • Is your existing network in need of some detangling?
  • We can assist you with your networking needs.  
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  • Do you have an need for a new application but lack the skills to build it?
  • Are off the shelf applications not deliverying?
  • Need to migrate to some new software but have no idea how to approach it?
  • Looking for someone to help turn your idea into a software package?
  • We can assist you with your software development needs. 
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  • Are you ooking for some specialised IT hardware?
  • Want to register a business domain name?
  • Seeking reliable and cost effective web hosting for you buisiness web site?
  • Need a tool to monitor loss in your UPSS?
  • We offer a range of products and packages for sale. 
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Got a question or query?  We are happy to take your enquiry and asist you with your Business IT needs.



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